The Best Output out of Newspapers and Cardboard

After reading some newspapers and magazines, are you going to throw these things thinking that these are only wastes? Actually, there are many possible output out of newspapers and magazines. Aside from newspaper baskets and a nightlight desk lamp made with old magazine, you can also make a newspaper lamp. And out of cardboards, you can create a wall organizer or a bookshelf. These are just a few of the ideas you can also make at home with the use of few other necessary materials.

The newspaper lamp is one of the most amazing output to make. Just cut the newspaper into at least five or six inches long and two inches wide. Then, with the use of a stick, roll those pieces of cut newspapers. Put glue at the end. And get a box of lipstick and roll the newspaper once again until it looks like tiny square shapes. If you make at least a hundred pieces of rolled newspapers, then that’s the time you can finally have a newspaper lamp.

For a newspaper basket or simply a paper basket, it is also very easy to make one. If you have some papers or magazines which you no longer need to use including newspapers, then recycle it. There are many different ways on how to recycle those materials. Cut the newspaper and roll the pieces in a pencil. Then, with the use of the glue, paste it. Flatten and weave it but use the glue. Be careful of working this job. Consult for a better eye care to make you have a better work to do ​典範眼科. Leave some space in between so that light will be emitted if you want it to be a lamp.